The Yarra River Walks

Yarra River and Forest Walks

As the Yarra flows through Warburton it is flanked by well maintained parkland, offering gentle and beautiful walks. There are trails on either side of the river, linking Warburton’s six bridges (three vehicular, three pedestrian). You can spend a pleasant hour or so without retracing your footsteps.
Melbourne’s muddy Yarra is here a fast flowing mountain stream, where fishermen cast for trout, and the occasional platypus can be glimpsed.

La La Falls and other walks
On the southern slope of the Warburton Valley the La La Stream cascades into the Yarra. It is a small mountain stream falling down a steep hillside - but very pretty nevertheless, and the walk to get there is its own reward.

Dolly Grey Park, beside Scotchman’s Creek, is reached by a boardwalk and a gently sloping trail. If you choose to follow the Backstairs Track beyond the park it rises steeply into the mountains, and presents a more serious challenge.

The Donna Buang trail, which runs over the Western fringe of the property on which Casa Valeri is situated, is recommended only for serious hikers properly equipped.